Show Tunes on PBS, Big Surprise

Sheet Music covers from NYPL

Forgot to plug this, on PBS tonight at 9pm:

Watch Season 3 Preview on PBS. See more from Michael Feinsteins American Songbook.

Michael Feinstein is an American chanteur in the swooning tradition, which I’m not always a huge fan of, but I am interested in his preservationist inclinations…  A prior episode in his series showed his sweet audio archiving and transferring set-up at home, so as a library science student I was intrigued.  (Link below to a video on his collection of old sheet music.)

Watch Lost and Found on PBS. See more from Michael Feinsteins American Songbook.

His American Songbook series on PBS returns for a third season, with episodes devoted to the early 20th century history of popular song through show tunes, dance, and radio in America.

PBS has a real hard-on for Broadway, I feel like I’ve gotten good crash courses in American musicals history just from them.  This should be another good addition to that televised lesson plan, and they have a few other relevant transmissions throughout this month, so I’ll keep you posted on those too…


Okun at the Opera

Two of my parallel interests intersected recently, when an artist I discovered while cataloging books at my library internship showed up as a set designer for a production at Los Angeles Opera this season.

Carmy Skylight Triptych by Jenny Okun

Carmy Skylight Triptych, Copyright Jenny Okun

Jenny Okun is a LA-&-London-based photographer who creates abstract, cubist-like digital composite images of architectural spaces.  The LA Opera production in question is the world premiere of Lee Holdridge‘s Dulce Rosa, based on a story by Isabel Allende.  Set to premiere in May, Okun will be working with set designer Yael Pardess, designing backdrop projections. Continue reading