Okun at the Opera

Two of my parallel interests intersected recently, when an artist I discovered while cataloging books at my library internship showed up as a set designer for a production at Los Angeles Opera this season.

Carmy Skylight Triptych by Jenny Okun

Carmy Skylight Triptych, Copyright Jenny Okun

Jenny Okun is a LA-&-London-based photographer who creates abstract, cubist-like digital composite images of architectural spaces.  The LA Opera production in question is the world premiere of Lee Holdridge‘s Dulce Rosa, based on a story by Isabel Allende.  Set to premiere in May, Okun will be working with set designer Yael Pardess, designing backdrop projections.

Preliminary set design for LA Opera's Dulce Rosa

Preliminary Set Design for LA Opera’s Dulce Rosa

(See more set designs at Pardess‘ website.)

Dulce Rosa is also interesting because it’s the start of the LA Opera Off Grand initiative, intended to expand the operatic audience by producing diverse performances around LA.  The 2013/2014 season will include another world premiere opera by British composer Alexander Prior, Jonah and the Whale, to be performed at the LA Cathedral (which is actually just a couple of blocks away from LA Opera, sort of defeating the purpose, but whatever).

As it turns out, this isn’t Okun‘s first time at the opera, as she has a dedicated opera section on her website!  You can see tons of pics from her operatic debut, a 2006 production of Mozart‘s Don Giovanni with El Dorado Opera (warning: outdated website), also designed in conjunction with Yael Pardess, on her website.

Production Photo of El Dorado Opera's Don Giovanni

Production Photo of El Dorado Opera’s Don Giovanni

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