Krazy Kartoons

For some historical research projects in school I’ve been using the Internet Archive to find public domain multimedia resources, but every time I go I realize I’m just scratching the surface…  Case in point, they have all sorts of animated shorts up for full viewing, and even downloading.  So this Saturday morning let’s enjoy some Krazy Kat kartoons!

(Why Embed no Work?  Link to Krazy Kat cartoons on Internet Archive)

These shorts are from the 19-teens, and Krazy Kat ran from 1913-1944, so a pretty early adaptation.  Created by George HerrimanKrazy Kat was maybe the first comic strip to earn the respect of the high arts world, the best example being cultural critic Gilbert Seldes‘ article The Krazy Kat That Walks By Himself:

KRAZY KAT, the daily comic strip of George Herriman is, to me, the most amusing and fantastic and satisfactory work of art produced in America to-day. With those who hold that a comic strip cannot be a work of art I shall not traffic.  (Source)

Krazy Kat rondel

A more recent academic article on Krazy Kat, by Elizabeth Crocker