Viruses Evolve Too

The new storyline over at David Willis‘ college sitcom webcomic Dumbing of Age starts off promising, with a brief but sweet exchange pitting sheltered creationist christian Joyce (the blonde) with awkward dino-loving evolutionist Dina (in dino hat).  It’s not the first time they’ve clashed over evolution, but this time Dina ain’t taking no prisoners!!!  And using flu shots to sneakily confront creationists about evolution?  Very clever Willis…

Apparently this set of strips was so popular (even more so than earlier lesbian kiss-themed strips) that it prompted a new evolution-themed t-shirt from Willis, available here.


3 thoughts on “Viruses Evolve Too

  1. Seriously, where do people get the idea that fundies are Catholic? The Holy Office (aka the “Papal Inquisition”) has never come out against evolution; the Jesuits did a long time ago, but that ended in the nineteenth century; a papal bull explicitly supporting the teaching of evolution was released in 1950. “More colorful, nice paintings, do what you like as long as you confess it” is not an attitude that lends itself well to fundamentalism, at least not without an explicit state church. The Puritans fled out of a sense the Catholic and Anglican churches were decadent and corrupt, and it’s their descendants that are the “Puritans” of today.

    • i have a problem where i basically use “catholic” and “christian” interchangeably, so i edited my post to be more general, especially since looking back at that comic i don’t see any explicit reference to the character’s particular breed of religion (besides from being home-schooled).
      but i see enough of my grandmother’s religious TV channel to know that Catholicism lends itself just fine to fundamentalism in the right hands.

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