Happy Mother’s Day!  From proto-moms to old pro’s, celebrate the mothers & mothers-to-be in your life today (but only today; anything else would be overkill).

First off, French-Canadian cartoonist Boum, who I’ve featured before, finally gave birth to her baby!  So congrats to that new mother…

Boum pregnancy comic

Copyright Boum

Pregnancy, such a wondrous experience…

Also, Emi Lenox of EmiTown just visited her grandmother in her autobio comic catch-up; this actually happened back in April, 2011…

Emi Lenox Emitown comic

Copyright Emi Lenox

An interesting aspect of this trip, besides the often strange roadside attractions on any good road trip, is the revelation that Emi is apparently half-Native American?  I believe from past comics that her mother is of Japanese ancestry, but it looks like her father (and the aforementioned grandmother) may be native.  Just an interesting side note that gets a few nods on this trip back home…

PS, I just finished classes last week (1 year down!), but I’ll be taking summer classes starting tomorrow, so bear with me if my post frequency takes a hit…

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