Passport to Adventure at *your* Library

Anytime one of my favorite webcartoonists mentions libraries in their comic I think to myself, “maybe I’m on the right track after all”…

Nedroid comic

Copyright Anthony Clark

Anthony‘s most recent endorsement of the magic of libraries came in the form of the alt text to this comic, where his characters try to get into Canada:

Beartato is dragged away from the border for being belligerent. ‘BOOKS are the only passport *I* need!’ he screams.

A half-bear, half-potato creature after my own heart…  I also may have turned one of my teachers on to the genius of  Anthony Clark, since they asked me for the link to one of his comics that I’d used in a class presentation!  Spreading the love…


2 thoughts on “Passport to Adventure at *your* Library

    • he’s great! i saw a review of Nedroid Comics once that noted that his characters are so innocent, i think that’s a big part of the appeal… good, clean, all-ages fun!

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