Jeremy no-middle-name Beck

On Friday, May 24th, like a total dummy, I accidentally posted about composer Jeremy Beck when I should’ve  posted about Jeremy Howard Beck, whose opera The Long Walk was given a concert reading at American Lyric Theater‘s week-long festival of new opera, InsightALT.  Here’s what I had written about Jeremy Beck before I updated everything like a madman when someone called me out on my mistake:

Composer Jeremy Beck

Composer Jeremy Beck

In a totally different vein, here is a full performance of Beck‘s satirical one-act opera Review based on a New Yorker piece by Patricia Marx, who wrote the libretto, in a 2011 performance from the Peabody Conservatory at John Hopkins University.

A group of friends and acquaintances gather for a cocktail party and start a vapid discussion. Ultimately, it is revealed that this party from hell turns out to be literally from hell, and the party-goers are actually dead, engaging in a review of their trivial lives.


On a side note, the Peabody Opera program lacks a current web presence, but they’ve archived their old site, with full season information for Peabody Opera Theater and Peabody Chamber Opera from 1995 to 2009, which is pretty interesting in it’s own right…  Neat to see how adventurous they were in their programming…

Well, I found it interesting at least…


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