Welcome to Dadsville

In honor of Father’s Day tomorrow, enjoy Dadsville, a comic anthology about, you guessed it, fathers!  There are stories about the good and bad times, about chummy, antagonizing, and estranged fathers, so you can experience the whole gamut in one sitting if you don’t already…

First off, here’s Brazilian illustrator Fabio Lyra‘s story about reconnecting with his father over spaghetti westerns:

Dadsville comic by Fabio Lyra

Dadsville comic copyright Fabio Lyra

And next, In the Basement, a meditative, visually unique story about fathers as defined by the collections they amass…

Dadsville comic by Phil Gable and Carol Holsinger

Dadsville comic copyright Phil Gable and Carol Holsinger

If you have your own paternal story to tell, you can submit your comic to be considered for the next Dadsville anthology; the deadline is July 1st.  Maybe you can make some new stories tomorrow!  awww…


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