Evidence of 1982 SDCC…

This cache of pictures from the 1982 San Diego Comic Con recently posted to Flickr by Alan Light show off some then-living cartooning legends like Eisner, Kirby, & Caniff, but most of all I’m impressed by how classy everyone looks!  I thought the 80s were supposed to be ugly…

1982 San Diego Comic-Con

Barb Rausch & Terry Beatty at 1982 San Diego Comic-Con, Photo by Alan Light

Seriously though, this is a really neat collection of images.  “Digitization” is a big buzz word in library science these days, referring to the scanning of analog materials to put them online and increase accessibility in our digital age, so this is a great example of a one-man venture in that process…  Can’t imagine going through boxes of old pictures to scan them  😛

Also, Terry Beatty‘s Wikipedia page has already been updated to include this picture; increased resource retrieval at work!


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