Illustration Whiplash

Looks like I emerged from my summer class frenzy in time to see the Society of Illustrator’s current shows before they close this Saturday.

It’s an interesting trio, with the obvious headliner being the Maurice Sendak exhibit.  I’m a bit more intrigued by the “high-low” pairing of classy Golden Age illustrator Henry Patrick Raleigh (seen above) and the satiric contemporary cartoonist Bob Fingerman (below).

Bob Fingerman illustration

Copyright Bob Fingerman, from Minimum Wage


Should be a neat contrast.

Raleigh seemed pretty under-documented through a basic Google search (no Wikipedia entry!?!), but there is an archive of his work maintained by his grandson, apparently begun after his friends gave him a gift of 8 original pieces by the grandfather he’d never met on his wedding day.  So charming!  Gotta love those one-person archivists…  Labors of love indeed.

The last day to see the RaleighFingerman, and Sendak exhibits is Saturday, so hurry on over.


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