Let’s Stay Together…

I love me some romance comics, and Lucy Knisley recently delivered a true life romance epic as part of her Stop Paying Attention series of standalone autobio comics.

A Light That Never Goes Out, comic by Lucy Knisley

“A Light That Never Goes Out”, Copyright Lucy Knisley (click for full comic)

It may not look it from that one panel, but SPOILER ALERT!  There’s a surprise happy ending…

Besides the romance, there’s some great stuff about the peculiar issues of making autobio comics, and how much you’re willing to reveal, and what you just can’t share at all…  I’ve been thumbnailing some autobio comics of my own lately, but for the most part they’re pretty fictionalized and exaggerated for comedic effect…  Of course, we’ll have to wait and see if I’ll ever finish any of them : P  like, wait a lot…  Anyway, enjoy the pro’s like Knisley in the meantime!


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