Selfie Photo Album

Over on my other blog today, I used this gem by Maryland Institute College of Art student Sarah See Andersen to talk about born-digital documents.

As technology has improved, we’ve been able to produce more things, more easily, quickly outpacing production from years past and inundating ourselves in a sea of new material…  With digital items especially it’s easy to spiral out of control, since we’re never visibly constrained by the physical limitations of storage and maintenance…  Which can lead to a hard drive full of iPhone selfies, for example…

This was all a preface to the admittedly very exciting Kickstarter-ed iSketchnote, an iPad cover that digitizes your drawings and notes as you make them.  This could be a pretty nifty tool for cartoonists and illustrators especially, so any techy artists out there might want to check it out…

Also, Sarah See Andersen‘s tumblr comic, Doodle Time, is hilarious, so definitely check that out too.  In fact, watch this space tomorrow for some more of her work…

via Digitize as You Go.

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