Swan Aria

Anna Nicole at NYCO & BAM

Image by Sarah Krulwick, Copyright New York Times

New York City Opera‘s financial woes may have finally caught up to it in a big way, as today may be the company’s last day in existence (barring any last minute injection of $7 million, rich opera lovers take note).

They will have completed their first production this season, of  Mark-Anthony Turnage‘s Anna Nicole in a co-production with the Brooklyn Academy of Music.  I saw it and was very pleasantly surprised; it had a witty, boppy libretto by Richard Thomas, a colorful, engaging and insightful production by Richard Jones, and a fascinatingly score, equal parts jazzy, poppy, and spiky.

I’ve been looking everything I can up about it now, and just now discovered this “Making of” interview with the above creators at BAM this season:

It was definitely a good way for NYCO to go out if that’s what it comes to, showcasing their edge on the New York opera scene, not afraid to bring in unusual work, which I always appreciated.  I guess the comfort is that the Met seems to be getting more adventurous lately, taking on repertoire first championed by NYCO, and there are also many smaller companies popping up that can help fill that off-the-beaten-path niche.  Still, a sad end to a great local institution…

One thought on “Swan Aria

  1. i cannot begin to say how saddened i am by this possibility and how much i will miss it for their championing of early, edgier and new opera… hopefully a miracle will happen…

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