Moby Dick the Opera

This Friday PBSArts Fall Festival kicks into musical theater high gear with Jake Heggie’s 2010 opera Moby Dick, in its 2012 performance from the San Francisco Opera, at 9pm (check your local listings!).

Moby Dick at Dallas Opera

Moby Dick at Dallas Opera, Photos by Cory Weaver and Karen Almond.

Co-commissioned by the Dallas Opera, SF Opera, and three others, its since made its way round those partner companies, and will premiere at the Washington National Opera February of next year.  Its received mostly glowing reviews, so here’s your chance to see it for yourself (assuming you didn’t already see it live in Dallas, San Francisco, San Diego, Adelaide, or Calgary).

Here’s an evening with Heggie, discussing his musical formation up to Moby Dick, at San Diego.  He’s an engaging speaker, and he covers his fortuitous fall into composing opera from working in an opera company’s PR department.  UCTV also has this spot devoted to the Moby Dick at Sand Diego Opera.

The next two Fridays on PBS are also devoted to the more musical side of theater, with Sondheim’s Company and Rodger & Hammerstein’s Oklahoma!  So set your Friday nights aside for free musical fun!


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