Graduation in February

Two of my favorite webcomics are now set in college graduation ceremonies as principal characters have to navigate their loved ones’ rite of passage, and awkward family reunions.  For no other reason than my love of coincidences, let’s talk about them!

TJ and Amal – Graduation

TJ and Amal, Copyright E.K. Weaver

In the case of The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ & Amal, the whole story, structured around a cross-country road trip,  has  been leading to this point, when Amal sees his parents for the first time since he came out and called off his planned marriage.

Over in Octopus Pie, the ceremony marks the graduation of Hanna’s boyfriend, Marek, and has snuck up on readers a bit more…

Octopus Pie – Graduation

Octopus Pie, copyright Meredith Gran

How will Amal’s family reunion go?  Does the end of his cross-country journey signify the end of the comic, and his unexpected relationship with his travel mate, TJ?  And what does Marek’s graduation signify for the rest of the admittedly kind of stagnated Octopus Pie crew?


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