Internet Comics

There are lots of comics on the internet, but how many of those are about the internet?

Infomaniacs by Matthew Thurber

From Infomaniacs by Matthew Thurber

At tomorrow night’s New York Comics & Picture-Story Symposium event, Matthew Thurber will discuss his comic Infomaniacs, originally serialized online and since published by Picturebox.  With an internet-addicted protagonist, the comic developed into a thriller confronting issues of privacy and ownership online.

In his talk he’ll discuss the influences on the comic and the making of.  This interview in The Paris Review  might be good preparation, as is this live-action trailer for Infomaniacs:

Later this week I’m going to an event for librarians about Google Glasses, which I am skeptical of, but have yet to see in person, so why not.  However, I was reminded of Vision Machine, the creator-owned comic by Greg Pak and RB Silva, which is freely available online under a Creative Commons license.

Vision Machine #1

From Vision Machine #1, by Greg Pak & RB Silva

Released in 2010, the three issue series imagines a sneakily dystopian future where everyone has a set of iEyes, networked video camera glasses created by Sprout Technologies.  It’s only a matter of time until users regret never reading the terms of agreement when they’re bombarded with ads and lose access to the content they generated to Sprout.

Worth reading now that Google Glasses are an actual thing, and a good companion piece to Infomaniacs.

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