SebaSM Comics Digest, Week of Oct. 20th

SebaSM Comics #56

While I was gone from this blog, I launched my own webcomic at!  It updates twice a week, on Tuesday & Thursday, but I thought I’d create a handy little digest of each week’s updates for you fine WordPress folks!

autorando-00057SebaSM Comics is mostly autobio comic strips with occasional fictional gag strips and by now there are over 50 strips (including a stretch of daily updates during a trip to London), so keep hitting that Random button!

Also, to give WordPress something not seen anywhere else(!), here is a screenshot of one of the discarded facial expressions for today’s comic:

SebaSMComics-HeartoftheMatter-faceI guess that’s kind of how my face looks when I say “sooooo…”, but also it looks like I’m puckering up for a kiss…  A little too lifelike for my otherwise rough style, haha…