SebaSM Comics Digest, Week of Jan. 5th

2014-12-30-A-76 2014-12-25-A-75I’ve totally abandoned my weekly SebaSM Comics digest, sorry about that folks! Let me catch you up real quick:

Part of the reason for the delay was the holidays, so let’s start off with the Christmas comics!  Obviously, gift-giving (and receiving) is delicate territory, so that’s what I focused on, also because I’m a materialistic jerk.

Then of course there’s the new year, and all the promise of change that brings…  not that I ever live up to it, so that’s another year-end tradition I figured I’d skewer…

2015-01-01-A-77Eventually, I figured it was probably time to move beyond holiday comics, so instead I made a classy joke about an iconic New York art museum…  Hopefully you can recognize it below…

2015-01-06-A-78(If you saw today’s Bizarro Twins post on abstract animation, it’s about the last exhibit at the Guggenheim, hence, this comic…)

And finally, going back to my most beloved subject matter: internet dating!

2015-01-08-A-79I’ll try to be better about remembering my Bizarro Twins followers in the future!  But just in case, consider bookmarking SebaSM Comics maybe?


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