About the Blog

I’m a lifelong lover of Comics and Opera and it’s occurred to me that these two seemingly disparate art forms share quite a bit in common.  Both are hybrid art forms, with Opera combining music and drama, and Comics combining words and pictures.  Sure, one rose to popularity in 17th century Italy, the other in 20th century New York, one’s high-brow, one’s low-brow…  But that’s not gonna stop me from blogging about ’em both in one big gestalt blog.

You can expect discussion on a diverse range of Opera, Comics, and related arts, links to free online resources for both, and maybe even some of my own relevant art!  If that gets you mega-excited, this may just be the split-personality blog for you!

About Me

I’m Sebastian, a New York-based student in Library Science at Pratt Institute.  I grew up in Los Angeles and studied art and linguistics as an undergrad at Swarthmore College.  I’m a huge lover of arts of all kinds, but two of my favorite formats are comics and opera; I read lots of webcomics, listen to lots of opera, and occasionally make my own art, and this is the blog for me to share my love of all that!

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