SebaSM Comics Digest, Week of March 9th

2015-03-10-A-95Just ne new SebaSM Comic this week, and one dummy illustration since I’m traveling today!  Off to Vancouver for a week, but there will be normally scheduled Tuesday / Thursday updates in the meantime!


Stand up for your Health

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about how sitting down all day is slowly killing us, so i jerryrigged myself a standing desk (3 boxes on a table), from whence I am writing to share this Atlantic video about the health risks of desk jobs and the importance of good posture & regular cubicle exercise.

Not sure if there’s a limit to how much time you should spend at your standing desk but I’ve been pushing it lately, what with school-work, work-work, and finding-postgrad-work-work.  So as you’ve noticed, post frequency has taken a hit and will probably remain a bit irregular…  Sorry ’bout that!  Hope you can get through the fall without my good cheer…  😀

A Trained Librarian in Training

Sarah McIntyre Trained Librarian poster

Copyright Sarah McIntyre

This weekend I launched my more professional site, with my library school resume and art portfolio, and I’ll be blogging there too, on library stuff but also on comics, of course.  I’ll probably reblog the more relevant posts here, but if you’re interested in library & information science and want to give me a job, consider checking me out there too!

A Trained Librarian in Training.

via My New Blog!


Happy Mother’s Day!  From proto-moms to old pro’s, celebrate the mothers & mothers-to-be in your life today (but only today; anything else would be overkill).

First off, French-Canadian cartoonist Boum, who I’ve featured before, finally gave birth to her baby!  So congrats to that new mother…

Boum pregnancy comic

Copyright Boum

Pregnancy, such a wondrous experience…

Also, Emi Lenox of EmiTown just visited her grandmother in her autobio comic catch-up; this actually happened back in April, 2011…

Emi Lenox Emitown comic

Copyright Emi Lenox

An interesting aspect of this trip, besides the often strange roadside attractions on any good road trip, is the revelation that Emi is apparently half-Native American?  I believe from past comics that her mother is of Japanese ancestry, but it looks like her father (and the aforementioned grandmother) may be native.  Just an interesting side note that gets a few nods on this trip back home…

PS, I just finished classes last week (1 year down!), but I’ll be taking summer classes starting tomorrow, so bear with me if my post frequency takes a hit…

Show Tunes on PBS, Big Surprise

Sheet Music covers from NYPL

Forgot to plug this, on PBS tonight at 9pm:

Watch Season 3 Preview on PBS. See more from Michael Feinsteins American Songbook.

Michael Feinstein is an American chanteur in the swooning tradition, which I’m not always a huge fan of, but I am interested in his preservationist inclinations…  A prior episode in his series showed his sweet audio archiving and transferring set-up at home, so as a library science student I was intrigued.  (Link below to a video on his collection of old sheet music.)

Watch Lost and Found on PBS. See more from Michael Feinsteins American Songbook.

His American Songbook series on PBS returns for a third season, with episodes devoted to the early 20th century history of popular song through show tunes, dance, and radio in America.

PBS has a real hard-on for Broadway, I feel like I’ve gotten good crash courses in American musicals history just from them.  This should be another good addition to that televised lesson plan, and they have a few other relevant transmissions throughout this month, so I’ll keep you posted on those too…

Bizarro Twins take on Library School

So as you may know, I’m currently enrolled in a library science master’s program; in fact, this blog started off as an assignment for one of those classes!  Another assignment I had last semester was to create a “visual taxonomy”, ie a visual representation of the relations between different items (or something…).

Anyway, to demonstrate the extent of my obsession with my beloved Bizarro Twins, here are my Comics and Opera visual taxonomies:

DC Comics characters by team affiliations:

My DC Comics character Visual Taxonomy for Library School

Opera composers by Century & Language / School of Opera:

VisualTaxonomy Opera

Yeah, that’s right, I got an A.  Booyah!  (click to enlarge; hope you can understand my handwriting!)

This is all my way of saying that my next semester is starting up today, so I will probably be a little less punctual and prolific on here.  Will still try to post a few times each week though, so do stay tuned.  Wish me luck!

Start your Week with Wasted Talent

Mondays can be awful, but one bright side is that it’s when Angela Melick updates her adorable weekly hand-colored diary comic, Wasted Talent!  Angela works as an engineer and still finds time to make these lovely comics.  Expect cutesy observations about work, life with the hubby, friends, mountain biking, Vancouver, etc.  Today she gets back from a two-week hiatus while she went off to Peru, so it’s a good time to check her out!

Wasted TalentCopyright Angela Melick

In some blog news, I’m finally including the names of creators involved in all my Comics posts.  However, I seem to repeat cartoonists less often than composers, so none appear in that tag cloud to the right just yet.

That being said, I also added a new tag to highlight women making comics and (less often) opera, and that’s looking quite notable in the tag cloud!  I was inspired by some recent controversy over sexism in the nerd world, especially since there are so many female cartoonists that I love and feature here.  I’m hopeful that this kind of sexism isn’t as strong among indie and webcomics, but it’s still nice to have them all in one place, I guess…  It’ll come in handy come Women’s History Month    : P