Free Opera


  • Operavore The Opera Blog of WQXR, NYC’s Public Classical Music Station, Also has a 24/7 Online Stream of Operatic Music!  Just click on Operavore in the Blue Bar at Top.
  • Lieder Sound Archive Decent Range of Streaming Art Songs & Song Cycles.
  • Spotify is a Free Program that lets you Stream an Incredible Range of Full CDs, Including an Opera Selection to Die for!
  • YouTube The Tip to Finding Full Performances on YouTube is to Type “, Playlist” after whatever you’re Looking for.  I’ve Found Plenty of Music that way, and I’ll be Featuring some of my Favorites on the Blog!


  • Free Music Archive All Kinds of CDs, Mixes, & Performances put up by Artists for Free Download; Opera’s not too Common, but Look under Classical & Choral Music.
  • Andrea’s Subito-Cantabile I don’t Know who Runs this, But they have Biographical Info about Old-Time Classical Singers, and even Downloadable Arias for Some of Them.  Time-Consuming, but a Cheap Way to Round out your Classical MP3 Collection ; )

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