SebaSM Comics Digest, Week of Apr. 6th

2015-04-07-A-T-102 SebaSM Comics are still Vancouver-themed this week, focusing on the nature side of things…  Click the images to see this week’s updates!2015-04-09-A-T-103

SebaSM Comics Digest, Weeks of Mar. 10th and 17th

SebaSM-Comics-Trio-MarchI missed my weekly update last week because I was out of the country, but I did have two normally scheduled SebaSM Comics during my trip, and two more new comics this week too!

Today’s update is Bizarro Twins appropriate, since it’s vaguely inspired by Donizetti‘s Lucia di Lammermoor, which I saw this week at the Metropolitan Opera.  Not based on any of the big iconic moments really, just some old school relationship stuff as seen through a 21st century lens, of course…2015-03-26-R-99 Here’s a clip from the Met’s production in a previous season with Natalie Dessay:

SebaSM Comics Digest, Week of Jan. 19th On…

Sooo, I’ve been pretty bad at keeping you all in the SebaSM Comics loop, huh…  Well, let’s catchup on the past four weeks, shall we?

SebaSM Comics Collage

So since January 15th when I last updated you, I’ve posted seven comics, only five of which were about me…  Who said I was self-centered?  See the new comics here or by clicking the image above.

Also, I participated in my seventh annual Hourly Comics Day!  That’s the one where you draw a comic about your day for every hour that you’re awake on February 1st…  This year’s HCD Comics are up on my boring Tumblr as well as the official SebaSM Comics site.


Ok, all caught up!  Hope you enjoy binging on four weeks worth of SebaSM Comics!