Happy Mother’s Day!  From proto-moms to old pro’s, celebrate the mothers & mothers-to-be in your life today (but only today; anything else would be overkill).

First off, French-Canadian cartoonist Boum, who I’ve featured before, finally gave birth to her baby!  So congrats to that new mother…

Boum pregnancy comic

Copyright Boum

Pregnancy, such a wondrous experience…

Also, Emi Lenox of EmiTown just visited her grandmother in her autobio comic catch-up; this actually happened back in April, 2011…

Emi Lenox Emitown comic

Copyright Emi Lenox

An interesting aspect of this trip, besides the often strange roadside attractions on any good road trip, is the revelation that Emi is apparently half-Native American?  I believe from past comics that her mother is of Japanese ancestry, but it looks like her father (and the aforementioned grandmother) may be native.  Just an interesting side note that gets a few nods on this trip back home…

PS, I just finished classes last week (1 year down!), but I’ll be taking summer classes starting tomorrow, so bear with me if my post frequency takes a hit…



Magic Flute on Boumeries

Copyright Boum.

Didn’t know French-Canadian cartoonist Boum was an opera fan!  A kindred spirit out there!  Interesting though, maybe that’s a good way to turn kids on to opera, by exploiting the dramatic aspect of it all…  I saw plenty of opera as a kid, but didn’t start to really like it until I was older, so I wonder how I would teach any little ones in my life to like it…

Boum posted a great Dessay interpretation of the aria to accompany her comic, so to mix it up, here’s one by Joan Sutherland instead:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7R5F6aPMRSk&w=350&h=300]

HCD 2013 Has Come and Gone

So yesterday was indeed Hourly Comic Day and I actually had a pretty busy day, much more so than previous years, so that was more of a challenge.  But it’s done, and up for viewing on the HCD 2013 Forums, next to many more talented folks’ (I posted 2 minutes before Raina Telgemeier!  And she said she enjoyed mine!!! : D

Hourly Comics Day 2013

Some other notable HCDs:  Colleen MacIsaac from Halifax (site), Boum from Montréal (site), Carey Pietsch from Philadelphia (site), and lots more of course!  Go check ’em out, and be prepared to do nothing productive today…

EDIT: ComicsBeat has a list of HCD 2013 recommendations, many of which are not on the forums, so also worth checking out!

American Elf go Boum

In autobio webcomic news, James Kochalka is apparently going to quit his 14-year running daily diary comic American Elf?  The end of an era friends…

American Elf 12-7-2012Copyright James Kochalka

… And French-Canadian cartoonist Boum (aka Samantha Leriche-Gionet) is pregnant! She occasionally documents that experience on her diary webcomic Boumeries  (when she’s not busy dreaming about toilets).  There’s a pregnancy tag, so you can catch up on the process so far.

Boumeries 11-23-2012Copyright Boum

Boum also just put out an unrelated dystopian comic, La Petite Révolution, put out by Front Froid, purveyors of fine Québécois bandes dessinées; English translation forthcoming, but a good gift idea for your favorite French-speaker in the meantime?  You can buy it here.  Here’s a video trailer:

Neat, no?  Like a cartoonier Paul Pope somehow…