Costumes & Horror on Halloween

Girls with Slingshots Halloween costume comic

Girls with Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto

Halloween is usually a fun opportunity for webcartoonists to dress their recurring characters up, but I haven’t seen a whole lot of that yet among the comics I normally read!  Where’s the holiday spirit, guys?

That being said, Girls with Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto is a reliable source of Halloween themed story lines and this year it’s built around a librarian-organized, kids’-book-character-themed costume party!  Lots of great costumes so far, but I thought the comics-themed couple costume at left was especially appropriate for us…

Aside from Halloween story lines, here are two seasonally appropriate comics.

Little Ghost is a cute monster mash story by Kate Leth, and its the first ongoing fictional storyline she’s serialized on her own website, though she also has several new monthly print comic projects out, including the new, ultra-Halloweeny Edward Scissorhands comic from IDW!

Little Ghost by Kate Leth

Little Ghost by Kate Leth

Also, Abby Howard, who I learned about through the Strip Search webcomic reality show and her hilarious comics at Junior Scientist Power Hour, is a big fan of horror as evidenced by her other webcomic, The Last Halloween!  I believe it was launched about a year ago after a successful Kickstarter…  At any rate, I started reading it, but it was  way too scary for me!  So that means it should be appropriate for anyone over, like, age 10 😛

The Last Halloween by Abby Howard

The Last Halloween by Abby Howard

Even Abby’s latest autobio JS Power Hour comic is Halloween themed, about the big farm home she moved into as a kid and the mysteriously threatening happenings that followed…

Alright, hope you all enjoy these alternately cute and horrifying comics on this spoOoOoky Halloween!  Anyone dressing up as a comic character?

Meconis v PVP

So I’ve posted about webcomic fanart before, but since Scott Kurtz of PVP and Danielle Corsetto of Girls With Slingshots have both been running guest comics lately, it seemed like a good time to talk about it s’more.  In particular, I was impressed with Dylan Meconis‘ seamless take-over of PVP for a multi-part story starting here.  Dylan Meconis' PVP guest comic

Characters by Scott Kurtz, Art by Dylan Meconis

Goodness, she totally had me thinking that was our regularly scheduled Kurtz art…  Here’s Meconis’ post about the opportunity which is really sweet.  And she’s right about attracting new readers this way, cuz even though I’ve heard nothing but good things about her before, I did not know about her Eisner-nominated short webcomic Outfoxed, which starts cute and folksy before suddenly taking a dark turn…  Maybe now is the time to finally start on her werewolf webcomic epic, Family Man?

Lesbian Wedding Bells are Ringing

Who wants to get in on the ground floor of a lesbian wedding story arc?

Girls with Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto

Copyright Danielle Corsetto, 2012  (link to lesbian proposal)

Oh, everyone?  Then Girls with Slingshots is the sex-positive, queer-friendly webcomic for you.  (Also, Thea, on the left above, was one of the featured characters in C. Edwards‘ gay webcomic fanart the other day!  A good intro perhaps…)

It’s funny how long-running webcomics can so easily veer into quasi-soap-opera newspaper strip territory…  BUT GOD HELP ME, THAT’S WHEN I LOVE THEM MOST OF ALL.  Besides, Danielle Corsetto has prior experience with weddings…

Girls with Slingshots by Danielle Corsetto

Copyright Danielle Corsetto, 2009  (link to straight proposal)

Start here for the beginning of the 2009 moving-in-together arc.  Be warned though, from move-in to wedding day, the last wedding story arc took about 10 months, so be ready to commit…

6 Gay Cartoons in Search of an Author

C. Edwards' LGBT webcomic character fanart

C. Edwards‘ LGBT webcomic character fanart

Crossover webcomic fanart doesn’t come around too often, so C. Edwardsanalysis of six LGBT characters from some prominent webcomics is a fun find.

From left to right we have David Willis’ Shortpacked, Trudy Cooper and Doug Bayne’s Oglaf, Scott Kurtz’s PVP, Danielle Corsetto’s Girls With Slingshots, Gisele Lagacé and Dave Zero’s Ménage à 3, and Gordon McAlpin’s Multiplex.  (I just featured Multiplex, and sexy duo Oglaf and Ménage à 3 were discussed earlier too.)

I think Edwards‘ evaluation of the characters is interesting, though maybe a bit unfair since they range from main to peripheral characters in comics of varying seriality/seriousness, but it’s neat to see his angular art applied to other characters.

His own comics, both gay- & humor-themed,  are fun and have the same peppy style.  Abel Boddy follows a sorta schlubby gay guy (though still way more fabulous than me) and his horndog guardian angel.  12 Inch Roommate, as you might guess, is way pornier, with a pair of roommates constantly tormented by their giant jock horndog of a roommate (definitely NSFW).

Guess I’m going to have an “erotica” tag now…