ROH Robert Live

Meyerbeer’s Robert le Diable from the Royal Opera House, on BBC Radio 3

I love it when BBC Radio 3 features really obscure operas, so this live stream of a performance of Giacomo Meyerbeer‘s 1831 Robert le Diable really hits the spot; after all, it’s been 120 years since it was performed at the Royal Opera House.


Meyerbeer is very foreign to me, but in his time he was hugely popular and important, helping to usher in the tradition of Grand Opera.  Popular as he was, his works have diminished dramatically in frequency owing largely to the high demands (vocal, theatrical, financial) they place on singers and opera companies.  Also, based on the pretty negative reviews so far, it looks like Meyerbeer‘s style may not have aged very well as dramatic entertainment…  So might be for the best we’ll just be listening to his tunes!

Today’s performance is live from the ROH at 5:45pm London time, or 12:45 New York time, and it’ll be up for a week afterwards.  Just click on the link at top.

Degas "Ballet of the Nuns" from Robert le DiableBy Edgar Degas, showing the famous Ballet of (dead) Nuns from Robert le Diable

For a more permanent Robert resource, we can always turn to Opera Today, who have the full streaming 1985 Paris Opera performance that the above video, with American bass Samuel Ramey, comes from:

Meyerbeer’s Robert le Diable from Paris Opera, on Opera Today