24 Hour Comics Day this Saturday!

How could I forget!  Not too late to sign up on your own or find a local host!

24 Hour Comics Day 2013

24 Hour Comics Day 2013

As always, good to read up on the history of the event from Scott McCloud himself, including the original six versions and a bunch more others in full via McCloud’s own (since abandoned) index of 24HCD submissions.

I tried this back in 2009, my goodness, but haven’t since then (often just forgetting about it).  Maybe I’ll try to kick start my comicking on Saturday in honor…

Welcome to Dadsville

In honor of Father’s Day tomorrow, enjoy Dadsville, a comic anthology about, you guessed it, fathers!  There are stories about the good and bad times, about chummy, antagonizing, and estranged fathers, so you can experience the whole gamut in one sitting if you don’t already…

First off, here’s Brazilian illustrator Fabio Lyra‘s story about reconnecting with his father over spaghetti westerns:

Dadsville comic by Fabio Lyra

Dadsville comic copyright Fabio Lyra

And next, In the Basement, a meditative, visually unique story about fathers as defined by the collections they amass…

Dadsville comic by Phil Gable and Carol Holsinger

Dadsville comic copyright Phil Gable and Carol Holsinger

If you have your own paternal story to tell, you can submit your comic to be considered for the next Dadsville anthology; the deadline is July 1st.  Maybe you can make some new stories tomorrow!  awww…


Happy Mother’s Day!  From proto-moms to old pro’s, celebrate the mothers & mothers-to-be in your life today (but only today; anything else would be overkill).

First off, French-Canadian cartoonist Boum, who I’ve featured before, finally gave birth to her baby!  So congrats to that new mother…

Boum pregnancy comic

Copyright Boum

Pregnancy, such a wondrous experience…

Also, Emi Lenox of EmiTown just visited her grandmother in her autobio comic catch-up; this actually happened back in April, 2011…

Emi Lenox Emitown comic

Copyright Emi Lenox

An interesting aspect of this trip, besides the often strange roadside attractions on any good road trip, is the revelation that Emi is apparently half-Native American?  I believe from past comics that her mother is of Japanese ancestry, but it looks like her father (and the aforementioned grandmother) may be native.  Just an interesting side note that gets a few nods on this trip back home…

PS, I just finished classes last week (1 year down!), but I’ll be taking summer classes starting tomorrow, so bear with me if my post frequency takes a hit…

FCBD is Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day!  In case you’re unfamiliar with the concept, on the first Saturday of May, participating comic shops give away free pre-selected comics to any and all visitors!  You can find your local participating comic shop using FCBD’s store locator.

Free Comic Book Day 2013

To prepare, here is a list of the free comics that’ll be available, ranging from DC to D&Q, brand new to classic reprints, mainstream to independent, all-ages to mature, not to mention lots of TV, cartoon, and video game tie-ins.

I’m personally intrigued by Drawn & Quarterly‘s offering, an excerpt from their forthcoming Gilbert Hernandez semi-autobiographical comic, Marble Season (planning ahead, Gilbert will be at Housing Works in NYC on April 16th to promote its release!).  Also, FCBD is probably as good a time as any to try out Hindu comics, even if Liquid ComicsRamayan Reloaded is written by American Ron Marz

Plenty of good stuff to get (for free), so check out their offerings and find your favorites…

PS: This is my 200th post.  Go me!

Terror Bunny

Can’t believe I haven’t featured John Allison here before!  I’m a big fan, and Scary Go Round was how I was first introduced to his work.

Originally the story of some wackily irresponsible overgrown children dealing with all manner of mystical mayhem in a mid-sized English town, Allison has since shifted focus to the next generation in Bad Machinery, with reasonably responsible schoolyard sleuths investigating mysteries in that same town.  In between chapters of Bad Machinery he posts short stories in the same shared universe, and right now he’s following SGR breakout star Esther DeGroot in Uni.

Lots of options on where to start!  If you want a taste of classic Allison, may I recommend the French Easter mystery from 2008 sampled above…  Appropriate for the season!

Easter(n) Cantata

Lou Harrison portrait

Lou Harrison, photo by Oscar White, 1973

Mixing things up for Easter with a 20th century composition for the occasion.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3OVpLQ_LnF4&w=350&h=300]

Lou Harrison‘s Easter Cantata opens with the Gamelan style chords he is most known for.  He certainly seems like an eccentric character (I mean, just look at that portrait!), and he has an interesting biography, with impressive connections to Schoenberg and Ives.  If you want to hear more, his one-act opera Rapunzel is up on Spotify:

Happy Birthday Will Eisner!

The creator of The Spirit and a pivotal figure in the development of the American graphic novel, Will Eisner would’ve been 96 today.  (Centennial only four years away!  I have centennial mania this year…)  As the namesake of the most prestigious awards in the comics industry, the Eisners, you get a good feel for his stature in the field.

Will Eisner Week is an annual celebration of his legacy as well as a time to promote comics, literacy, and free speech, and as such is held in association with the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.  This year’s theme is “read a graphic novel”, which shouldn’t be too hard for most of us, right?

New York, being Eisner’s hometown, is naturally an epicenter for celebrations, with three events, including…

And of course, there are events elsewhere (tellingly, Portland comes in second place, with two events).  And wherever you are, you can at least do your part by reading a graphic novel!