Cuddly Lil’ Bone Crushers

To accompany yesterday’s post on flu virus evolution comics, here’s a more in depth (and cuddlier!) one courtesy of Jorge Cham’s PhD Comics summarizing the work of Zhijie Jack Tseng, currently of the American Museum of Natural History, on the convergent evolution of savage bone-crushin’ jaws in hyenas and dogs.

You can also see a related comic version of this video, which is neat…  Always impressed by Cham’s animated thesis comics…  which you can see much more of on PhD TV!

Hyena-Dog convergent evolution comic by Jorge Cham

Copyright Jorge Cham

PhD Comics explains Open Access!

Jorge Cham of PhD Comics occasionally takes a break from comics about graduate student life to create animated versions of academic talks or theses (or even make a live -action movie based on his comics!), and his latest such venture is all about Open Access in the scientific publishing community, an interesting subject to me as a library science student…

These videos can make a good introduction to some heady scientific concepts (like the Higgs-Boson particle and the CERN Large Hadron Collider), and you can seem them all at PhD TV.