B(r)ook(lyn) Fest

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This Sunday is the Brooklyn Book Festival, and with all the great events going on, I always find it useful to narrow my options down somehow…  So for your convenience, here are all the comics-related events I could find (plus one surprise opera-themed event!).

(Un)fortunately, looking at comic events doesn’t limit it too much this year!  I went last year, and I think the 2 comics events I went to were the only ones, so this is a much expanded roster of events, on a wide range of themes; nice to see the diversity of the medium on display…

If Sunday isn’t enough for you, David Prudhomme, who’s launching a new book at the Festival, will also be the guest of honor on Monday’s NY Comics & Picture-story Symposium.

Comics events after the cut, and here’s a map of participating venues to help you plan; happy booking! Continue reading


Let’s Stay Together…

I love me some romance comics, and Lucy Knisley recently delivered a true life romance epic as part of her Stop Paying Attention series of standalone autobio comics.

A Light That Never Goes Out, comic by Lucy Knisley

“A Light That Never Goes Out”, Copyright Lucy Knisley (click for full comic)

It may not look it from that one panel, but SPOILER ALERT!  There’s a surprise happy ending…

Besides the romance, there’s some great stuff about the peculiar issues of making autobio comics, and how much you’re willing to reveal, and what you just can’t share at all…  I’ve been thumbnailing some autobio comics of my own lately, but for the most part they’re pretty fictionalized and exaggerated for comedic effect…  Of course, we’ll have to wait and see if I’ll ever finish any of them : P  like, wait a lot…  Anyway, enjoy the pro’s like Knisley in the meantime!

Wonder Women through History

WONDER WOMEN! The Untold Story of American Superheroines from Vaquera Films on Vimeo.

Short notice since I thought this was airing later, but tonight, in a new installment of PBS’ Independent Lens series of documentaries, is the nationwide TV premiere of Kristy Guevara-Flanagan‘s Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines.  The movie looks at how depictions of female characters in popular media, especially superheroes, reflected changing attitudes towards women and women’s issues throughout American history, starting with the grandmommy of them all, Wonder Woman!

You can learn more about the film on PBS’s site for it, including additional air times.  PBS has an interview with the director as does Newsarama.

This double feature might’ve worked better if I’d posted a bit earlier, but PBS has a web-series called Off Book on new forms of artistic expression, and there’s one on Webcomics!

Lucy Knisley is an interviewee, and they show a whooole lot of xkcd and SMBC

Lucy Knisley’s 12 Hour Comics

I don’t know of any good online gathering places for 24 Hour Comics Day comics, so they can be surprisingly hard to track down even now, one week after the fact.  There is a group pool on Flickr, and it can be fun seeing pictures of events from all over the world, but it’s still not a great one-stop shop…  Luckily though, I just noticed that Lucy Knisley did a 12 Hour Comics Day about the single life in New York (not as glamorous as it sounds), so there’s one good one at least!

Copyright Lucy Knisley

Speaking of Lucy Knisley, did I tell you about the time I commented on her LiveJournal?  And she commented back?!?  And then I saw her in person at the Brooklyn Museum?!?!?  *SQUEEE*

My LiveJournal Conversation with Lucy Knisley

Also, we were at the same Sex in Comics panel!  O.  M.  G.