Der Sturmy Weather Continues

Presumably I’ll still be locked up at home when this goes up, possibly internet-less, scraping cans of beans in order to survive the annual NYC Hurricane Season, so this seemed appropriate:

Frank Martin’s Der Sturm, streaming performance from Opera Today

Edmund Dulac The Tempest illustrationImage by Edmund Dulac

Frank Martin was a Swiss composer, and Der Sturm (ie, The Tempest), premiered in 1955, was his sole opera.  Opera Today features opera reviews from around the world, but they also have an amazingly diverse selection of full, free recordings of live opera performances (though they are streaming, meaning you need to stay internet-connected to listen).

Here’s the full German libretto, if you’re into that, and the multi-award winning Hyperion recording, if you’d like to support the many people it takes to make such a recording possible.


The Isle is Full of Noises…

Tonight I’ll be seeing the Met Opera premiere of Thomas AdèsThe Tempest!  I’m always curious about new opera, and though the Met hasn’t always had the most adventurous programming, I think they’ve been trying to branch out more lately.  Here are a few reviews of the Met production, and even a Met Opera dedicated minisite.

The premiere recording of The Tempest is actually up in full on Spotify, so if you don’t have Spotify yet, get on it!

And if you’re always looking out for the next big thing, it looks like Adès has a new opera in the works based on Buñuel‘s The Exterminating Angel!  Exciiiting…

Speaking of new opera, don’t miss your chance to see the full, world premiere performance of George Benjamin‘s Written on Skin; just a few days left, and it’s perfect for Halloween!  : )

Weekend Recap

So as I mentioned earlier this week, today is 24 Hour Comics Day, but I was invited to a couple of lovely get-togethers, so it was a no-go for me…  maybe next year!  Also this week, we had the first two live streams of Wagner‘s Ring Cycle from the Royal Opera House courtesy of BBC Radio 3; those are still available here for a few more days, so go ahead and catch up before the next installments.


There’s a new opera up on BBC Radio 3 now too: Verdi‘s penultimate opera, Otello.  2013 marks the bicentennial of the births of Verdi and Wagner, so they’re being feted in opera houses all over the world this season.  I thought I’d mix it up a bit with a French translation of Ave Maria, the song Desdemona sings before going to bed/getting killed, sung by Martha Angelici, a Corsican soprano with a big career in France.

Seems like all the good “good night” arias are basically prayers, huh  : P