Wonder Women through History

WONDER WOMEN! The Untold Story of American Superheroines from Vaquera Films on Vimeo.

Short notice since I thought this was airing later, but tonight, in a new installment of PBS’ Independent Lens series of documentaries, is the nationwide TV premiere of Kristy Guevara-Flanagan‘s Wonder Women! The Untold Story of American Superheroines.  The movie looks at how depictions of female characters in popular media, especially superheroes, reflected changing attitudes towards women and women’s issues throughout American history, starting with the grandmommy of them all, Wonder Woman!

You can learn more about the film on PBS’s site for it, including additional air times.  PBS has an interview with the director as does Newsarama.

This double feature might’ve worked better if I’d posted a bit earlier, but PBS has a web-series called Off Book on new forms of artistic expression, and there’s one on Webcomics!

Lucy Knisley is an interviewee, and they show a whooole lot of xkcd and SMBC

700 number 1’s, round 2

The last time Marvel tried to give away free digital versions of 700 of their number one issues of series from over their full range of publishing history on ComiXology, the site crashed.  : P

Today is your last chance to try this once more, but this time you need to sign up for this digi-shopping free-for-all on ComiXology with an account on Marvel‘s site; then you and other lucky shoppers will get run of the store in waves, so as not to overwhelm their servers.   Full instructions here, from Newsarama.  Happy shopping!

Marvel Mixer at ComiXology

Marvel announced over the weekend at SXSW that 700 first and one-shot issues from across their whole publishing history will be available for free download through ComiXology until 11pm eastern time on Tuesday.  I’m actually having some difficulty getting to ComiXology now, so may just be totally swamped.

Here’s an NYTimes article of this and Marvel‘s other new digital initiatives (and in what’s either a pure coincidence or some weird stab at cross-promotion, here’s a “Sunday Routine” NYTimes article with David Steinberger, CEO of ComiXology).

Happy downloading!

Happy Birthday Will Eisner!

The creator of The Spirit and a pivotal figure in the development of the American graphic novel, Will Eisner would’ve been 96 today.  (Centennial only four years away!  I have centennial mania this year…)  As the namesake of the most prestigious awards in the comics industry, the Eisners, you get a good feel for his stature in the field.

Will Eisner Week is an annual celebration of his legacy as well as a time to promote comics, literacy, and free speech, and as such is held in association with the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.  This year’s theme is “read a graphic novel”, which shouldn’t be too hard for most of us, right?

New York, being Eisner’s hometown, is naturally an epicenter for celebrations, with three events, including…

And of course, there are events elsewhere (tellingly, Portland comes in second place, with two events).  And wherever you are, you can at least do your part by reading a graphic novel!

Marvel Now over Young Avengers

Marvel‘s Young Avengers relaunch by the UK dream team of Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie (with art assist from Mike Norton) hits your local comic book shop today, and as you may know I am pretty excited for it…  As someone interested in writers’ and artists’ processes, I’ve been enjoying Gillen‘s blog posts presenting his thoughts on each of the main characters (with carefully selected, character-specific songs to boot), all collected here.

In Young Avengers, we have explicitly stated we’re doing little to pastiche the decades of history before us. You won’t see us doing a parody of the cover of the first issue of the Fantastic Four, for example. But the flip of that is trying to do something that speaks to the core values that resonate throughout the structure, imagine how a Marvel Universe may feel if it was created wholesale on January 23rd 2013.

Sounds pretty grrreat…  Newsarama has an advance review: 10 outta 10, my friends.  Be pumped.  Be very pumped.

Bizarro Twins take on Library School

So as you may know, I’m currently enrolled in a library science master’s program; in fact, this blog started off as an assignment for one of those classes!  Another assignment I had last semester was to create a “visual taxonomy”, ie a visual representation of the relations between different items (or something…).

Anyway, to demonstrate the extent of my obsession with my beloved Bizarro Twins, here are my Comics and Opera visual taxonomies:

DC Comics characters by team affiliations:

My DC Comics character Visual Taxonomy for Library School

Opera composers by Century & Language / School of Opera:

VisualTaxonomy Opera

Yeah, that’s right, I got an A.  Booyah!  (click to enlarge; hope you can understand my handwriting!)

This is all my way of saying that my next semester is starting up today, so I will probably be a little less punctual and prolific on here.  Will still try to post a few times each week though, so do stay tuned.  Wish me luck!

Young Justice back from Hiatus!!!


Young Justice Season 1 Fanart

Young Justice Season 2 Fanart

Young Justice is a cartoon starring DC Comics‘ teen superheroes on covert missions, and it is pretty great.  I know quite a few people who say it’s the best version of the DC Universe out there right now…  Here are some reviews from the Onion’s AV Club if you don’t believe me.

I made the top drawing a while ago, but since Season 2 skipped ahead five years and introduced a bunch of new characters, I just had to make the companion piece…  The bottom one was done much more quickly, so it’s interesting to compare them now, especially since I wasn’t making that much art in between…  not sure if I’ve gotten better or worse : P